Claim Your Benefits with Ease by Hiring a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Wichita KS

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Lawyers

A professional worker’s compensation attorney in Wichita KS helps employees who incur injuries at their workplaces or while executing work-related duties away from workplaces. Almost all businesses in Kansas are required by the law to have worker’s compensation insurance cover to ensure protection of the workers against financial disasters in the event that they get injured while at the workplace.

This insurance provides compensation to the workers for medical expenses and lost wages. However, just because the law requires employers to have worker’s compensation policy, it does not mean that the employers are not responsible for ensuring safe workplaces for their employees.

Nevertheless, due to the negligence of some employers, millions of workers are injured every year in work-related accidents. Some of these injuries are very serious while others are minor. Unfortunately, some of the workers do not know that it is their right to get substantial benefits for lost wages and medical care if they are injured while at their workplaces.

Claim your benefits

If you sustain injuries at the workplace or while executing work-related duties, you can file a claim for losing part of your body or other effects of the injury. In some cases, you can be compensated for subsequent disability.

In the event that you sustain an injury while at work as a result of the fault of another person or another company, you may have to file a separate claim against that person or the company. A professional worker’s compensation attorney in Wichita KS uses his or her experience while helping you with your claim to investigate all aspects of your case so that you can get the best compensation for the injuries that you sustain while working.

The attorney conducts extensive investigation evaluating all facts to allow you time to rest and recover from the injuries. In case your employer declines to cater for your treatment expenses, the attorney can go to the court to ensure that you get compensation for medical treatment. In determining whether you are entitled to worker’s compensation, the court considers various factors.

These include the following:

  • If you suffered the injury during the working hours
  • Your expected conduct while at and away from the workplace
  • Work restrictions
  • Medical injury’s level
  • Level of permanent impairment
  • Disability in relation to performance of other tasks
  • Future medical care
  • Influence of alcohol or other drugs

If you have been injured while at the workplace, you can contact Fleeson Gooing Attorneys at Law for professional legal assistance.