Benefits of Employing A DWI Attorney in Saint Paul MN To Handle An ALR Case

Drunk driving in the country is a very serious crime, and thus those charged with this crime should hire a DWI Attorney in Saint Paul MN for legal help. The attorney will help you protect and preserve your rights and get a fair trial too. When you are arrested for DWI, you are normally charged with two offenses: the criminal case and administrative license revocation (ALR). The second offense is usually a civil case which is with regard to your drivers’ license. The attorney that you employ should be able to handle the civil case skillfully to put you in a better position for the criminal case.

In Saint Paul MN, if a suspect fails to take the chemical blood test or takes it but is found to have an alcohol content of over 0.08%, chances of his license being suspended are very high. To avoid this, he must request an ALR hearing within two weeks after he has been put in custody. This move avoids automatic suspension and chances are that he might win the case and have his license back. The DWI Attorney in Saint Paul MN hired would help through this process.

Therefore, the experience in DWI and especially in ALR cases is vital as you look for the attorney who will represent you. He should request for a live ALR hearing so as to maximize the opportunity to bring out facts that will favor you in the case. It is at this point that he cross-examines the arresting officer in a bid to try find out an irregularity in the arrest to favor you. This way the attorney will be better equipped to defend you for the DWI offense.

It is quite a challenge to find an attorney who is also experienced in ALR cases. Therefore, you have to take your time to find one since the most common ones are experienced in one and not the other. A good one will help protect your rights and at the same time protect your driving privileges as is the case with Brandt Criminal Defense attorneys. For more information on such type of offenses and cases as well as the best attorneys for the same click here,

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