Professional Trip and Fall Attorney in Rockford, IL

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Attorney

When it comes to personal injuries, it’s important to have an attorney by your side. You should not suffer because of someone else’s negligence. A trip and fall attorney in Rockford, IL understands that personal injuries cost much more than just the injury itself. Those who experience personal injuries lose so too much, and it’s even more frustrating when the accident could have been avoided altogether.

Trips and Falls

Many trips and falls can be prevented. The dangers lurk everywhere-wet, slippery unmarked floors are a common culprit of falls inside retail stores. Uneven floors, such as a sudden step down or a change in floor height to unsuspecting customers can spell trouble. Your trip and fall attorney at nearby Hampilos & Associates, Ltd. understands that these circumstances are not your fault.

The injuries that result can range from minor to major medical issues. Mild sprains, bumps and bruises are minor injuries, while broken bones, dislocated hips, etc. are much more serious. Injuries can result in not only huge medical bills but in time missed from work. Time missed from work means lost wages and the inability to complete everyday tasks, such as driving, caring for your household, and more. Your trip and fall attorney will ensure that you receive proper compensation for your pain and suffering.

Personal Injuries and Dog Bites

Dog bites are completely preventable. These types of injuries typically result from owners’ negligence. Many owners assume that their dogs can do no wrong, so they do not heed leash and fence laws. Unfortunately, these incidents happen in a split second, and can result in serious injuries.

A personal injury not only refers to physical injury but can also refer to mental and emotional injury as well. It’s important to trust your dog bite attorney and personal injury attorney to work for you and get you the compensation you deserve!

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