Simple Guide to Law Firm Website Design

When it comes to law firm web design & marketing in Chicago, the process can be challenging. As an attorney, you want a professional website but may not have much interest in the work that goes on behind the scenes. It can be difficult to compare different marketing companies and designers when you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for. Below we’ll look at the common features great law websites have in common.


When a potential client navigates to your website, you want them to easily be capable of finding out your contact information and what your services are. If those things are not easy to find, it’s likely the person will leave and seek out another attorney. A drop-down menu is a fantastic solution that makes everything professional but simple to find without more than a click.

Proper Sections

If you got through a few law firm websites, you might find that while navigation is simple, finding the right information is tougher. This might result in huge chunks of text, which would be fine for a blog but is hard to get through when it comes to site copy. Your landing page and homepage should not be overly informative but offer small blurbs about what sets you apart.

Quality Graphics

Every image that makes its way to your website should be professionally created and high resolution. This means logos, images, and videos. You want to contact a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer to create these elements. To get the best possible images, explain what dimensions you need and let your designer and photographer know this in advance.

Contact Information

You want it to be simple to find your contact information. It doesn’t matter which page a user stumbles onto; it should list your information in an easy to see the way. The company offering your law firm web design & marketing in Chicago may suggest offering live chat, phone calls, and messaging all on the same page. This gives the user the ability to choose the way they want to get in touch. Adding a call-to-action to spur the user to contact you is also a fantastic idea.

Law Firm Websites Done Right

At Forward Marketing, we offer web design, social media management, search engine optimization, and more for attorneys. Our services are affordable, and we have proven results with law firms we’ve worked with in the past.

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