Do You Need an IRS Protections Attorney?

You may already have a tax accountant, but are you in need of an IRS protection attorney in Elk Grove Village? The laws behind taxes are complex and in a constant state of change. Choosing the right professional to handle your situation is important for ensuring the best outcome and saving money. In this article, we’ll look at why you may need an IRS protections attorney at your side.

Client-Attorney Privilege

Unlike an attorney, an attorney enters into a relationship with you that is completely confidential. This allows you to disclose all information you have to the attorney without fear. This lets the attorney better understand your unique situation and how to handle it. IRS protections attorneys often are used by people who use complex tax strategies because their attorney keeps all information quiet and between only them.

Excellent Advice

An IRS protections attorney in Elk Grove Village often has a broad knowledge about tax problems that can apply to your particular case. Compared to an accountant, your attorney will have a much better understanding of topics like filing for bankruptcy. This also means this professional will have some solutions available for your problem, no matter what it might be.


Your IRS attorney will be capable of representing you and acting on your behalf when it comes to the IRS. This means they can represent you at meetings, reply to letters on your behalf, and deal with all correspondence from the IRS so you don’t have to. Also, this person can represent you in court when it comes to tax problems. Other tax professionals are not capable of providing these specialized services.


Tax laws are some of the most complicated out there. Determining what is owed, any sort of relief you qualify for, and what penalties you may be liable for is difficult. The good thing is that negotiation is possible. With an experienced, high-quality lawyer, you get the benefit of their background and training when it comes to negotiation. You can also allow them to negotiate for you in tax courts, which others are not able to do.

IRS Protection in Chicagoland

At North Suburban Legal Services, LLC, we offer services made for those who are interacting with the IRS. We can help you determine what steps to take to gain the best results. If you’d like to request a free consultation.

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