A Construction Accident Lawyer in Medford, MA Knows the Most Common Injuries Occurring on Job Sites

A Construction Accident Lawyer in Medford MA knows what the most common types of accidents are in this occupational field and the injuries that typically occur. In many cases, the company in charge did not require workers to wear or use all the important safety gear for certain jobs. It may not even have supplied that equipment. Sometimes, workers are not trained thoroughly.

Falls and Being Struck by Falling Objects

Head injuries, including concussions, skull fractures, and traumatic brain injuries are relatively common injuries at construction sites. These injuries occur when workers fall from a height or when they are hit by something dropped from above. Workers are particularly at risk of falling from scaffolding, ladders, roofs, and cranes. In addition, scaffolding and cranes have collapsed on occasion.

Bone fractures are also common. Spinal cord injuries can happen because of these incidents. The person may be left with a lifetime of chronic back or neck pain or, much worse, become paralyzed.

Trench Accidents

People working in trenches on construction sites are at risk of the earth collapsing in on them. Tools and machinery on the surface may slide down like an avalanche. Suffocation is a possibility if the person is buried in the dirt and cannot escape.

Dangerous Vehicle Incidents

A Construction Accident Lawyer in Medford MA also represents workers who were hit by trucks, heavy equipment, or other vehicles on the job site. Sometimes, a driver is backing up or operating a heavy equipment shovel and does not see a worker standing nearby.

Consulting a Personal Injury Lawyer

A worker who has been seriously injured on a construction site often is not covered by worker’s compensation. These individuals commonly work on a contract basis instead of being an employee. Construction site accidents can lead to high medical expenses, and health insurance may not cover all the costs. Income is lost while the person is recovering. It is in this person’s best interests to consult an attorney at an organization like the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass. If the person was killed in the accident, the family may want to file a wrongful death suit. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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