Construction Lawyers in NY-The Specialty that Protects Your Rights

Construction lawyers in NY, provide protection for those hardworking men and women that are injured on construction sites. Construction is a dangerous business, there are potentials for being injured every minute of the day. unfortunately, many times an injured worker is not fairly represented and winds up having to deal with a wide range of additional problems on top of the injury.

If You Are Injured

There are several steps you need to take if you are injured on a construction site. Good construction lawyers in NY will provide you with the support you need to ensure that your rights are protected, but you do need to do your part. Following these simple steps after an injury can make a difference in how your case is handled:

  1. First step after an injury is to notify your supervisor that you have been injured.
  2. Make sure that you seek medical help immediately.
  3. Contact a trusted lawyer.
  4. Make sure you get copies of all your medical treatment records.
  5. Follow your lawyer’s advice.

Follow your companies process for reporting an injury. After you give verbal notification, follow up, after you are stable with a written form of communication, an email can be enough. Keep good documentation of the incident and the medical care you receive, it is critical to have that information.

The Lawyer

To get the greatest amount of protection you do want to choose an attorney that specializes in handling construction accident cases. The right law firm will help you to get the protection that you need to ensure your rights are not violated and help you to get the medical care you need. You are entitled to compensation and care. SPBMC can help you get the protection you need after a construction accident. For more information, visit Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo P.C.

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