A DWI Attorney in Royse City, TX Helps Clients Maintain Some of the Most Important Aspects of Life

Many people who are charged with driving while intoxicated simply accept their responsibility in the matter and deal with the penalties. For others, however, being convicted of DWI can have life-altering consequences that they want very much to prevent. An attorney in Royse City, TX can help clients by providing aggressive legal representation and putting forth every effort to have the charge dropped or reduced, or the case dismissed in court.

Texas takes intoxicated driving very seriously. The basic penalties for a DWI conviction are generally understood. People expect that the conviction will result in a substantial monetary penalty, driver’s license suspension for a period of time and perhaps a very short jail sentence. They know that automotive insurance rates spike after a driver has DWI on the record. However, some individuals face much worse consequences.

One person might lose employment because this individual drives for a living; the employment contract may require no traffic offenses even in the employee’s personal life. Even people who aren’t professional drivers can run into trouble when applying for new positions. A company may include a question on the application form as to whether the applicant has ever received a DWI conviction. This is a lose-lose situation for the applicant. If he or she admits to the offense, the company may use this as a screening measure to eliminate the applicant from the candidacy. If the person denies the offense, the company can still find out about the conviction because it is public record.

Another person might be at risk of losing custody of children or even of having visitation curtailed. The other parent might take this matter to court and accuse the person of being a danger to the children. Custody will most likely be lost if the defendant is sentenced to a jail sentence of any significant length.

For all these reasons, drivers may find it crucial to hire an attorney in Royse City, TX who can help them defend against the charge. A firm such as the Law Offices of Tim Hartley is ready to assist. Click here to learn about setting an initial appointment.

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