Hire A Theft Defense Attorney In South Bay CA For A Better Outcome To Your Case

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Law & Legal Services

Being arrested is a very upsetting situation, whether it is the first time or the fifth time. Individuals are worried about what their family and friends will think which often leads to uncomfortable situations in the community. After someone has been arrested, they should contact a Theft Defense Attorney in South Bay CA as soon as possible.

If an individual was arrested for stealing from a store, the crime prevention personnel would usually contact the police and the individual will be escorted to police headquarters in a squad car. If they have been arrested due to an indictment or after a police investigation, the individual will be placed in jail until they have a bond hearing. During this time, the individual should contact an attorney and limit the amount of information they provide to family and friends on the telephone.

During An Arrest

It is highly recommended that an individual never provide the police with more information than just their name. An individual should never attempt to talk their way out of their criminal charges because it could cause more harm. An individual should always be respectful when the police are questioning, but they should ask to speak with an attorney to protect their rights.

A Criminal Record Will Follow An Individual

An individual will never be able to escape a criminal record once they are convicted. A criminal record for theft could result in the loss of a job or the inability to obtain another job in the future. Limiting the amount of damage, this type of conviction can have on an individual’s life begins with a call to an experienced Theft Defense Attorney in South Bay CA.

An attorney will immediately begin investigating the evidence to determine if the police made any mistakes during their arrest. They will also review how the evidence was obtained. If the police obtained evidence without following the proper procedure, the evidence could be tossed out of court.

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