Learning All About Premises Liability

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Lawyers

Premises liability is often linked with falling on someone’s property. However, many cases fall under this law. Further, there are specific requirements for bringing a claim. The law is based on the concept that property owners are responsible for visitors. Visitors usually fall in one of three categories, invitees, licensees and trespassers. Invitees are invited by the property owner to come onto the property. Likewise, licensees have permission to be on the property for their own purposes. The final category is trespassers and owners are not liable for them, unless it is a child. For instance, a child could be injured when they wander into a neighbour’s yard.

Learn more about premises liability at website. These experienced attorneys handle many types of cases. Slip and fall accidents occur for many reasons, including:
      *     Snow and ice
      *     Slippery floors
      *     Faulty stairs

Slip and falls make up the majority of premises liability cases. However, they can be difficult to prove. Many businesses take a hard line and defend the cases vigorously. If a person falls on liquid in the store, they must prove the owner or an employee wasted something. In another scenario, victims can claim the owner or employee were aware and failed to clean up the mess. Lastly, they may say the owner knew because a “reasonable,” owner would have known.

In recent years, claims revolving around building security have been in the news. There are incidents where buildings have no security. As a result, a person gets in and injures or kills someone. Owners of commercial buildings have a duty to maintain a secure entrance. That is why most buildings have security guards and gates. Other cases arise from the “attractive nuisance”. Swimming pools and trampolines are examples of attractive nuisances. Many people have them in their yards and kids are often tempted to use them. Most jurisdictions require that swimming pools be fenced in. Likewise, trampoline owners are required to have a fence or limit access in some other way. The law does not place the entire burden on owners. Individuals are required to take some responsibility for their safety. The best thing to do is speak to an attorney if you have been injured.

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