Why You Need a Lawyer to Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits in New Bedford, MA

If you received a sudden serious injury or were diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition, you might feel out of financial options. However, social security disability benefits help thousands of people in similar situations find the financial support they need to move on with life. In fact, the right professionals could help you win approval in a matter of weeks, something you could not hope to accomplish on your own. With their help and the right steps taken, your disability should not detract from your normal life.

However, some people who chose to apply for social security disability benefits in New Bedford, MA decide to try to save some money by foregoing the lawyer services. What they do not realize is that more than 50% of those who apply are denied initially for technical or medical reasons. The only way to ensure that they file the paperwork correctly and do everything by the letter is to hire professionals.


Browse our website to contact a representative trained to help people fighting disabilities earn social security disability benefits. With their experience, they know how to catch technical issues before they file the paperwork and they know how to work the application in your favor. Not only do they help thousands of people each year get the same benefits, they also put your needs as their top priority.


In 2012, the Social Security Advisory Board released a report stating that the help of a third-party representative greatly expedited the disability determination process. In addition, it helped to ensure that the applicant received the most informed determination possible at the initial claims stage. After all was said and done, lawyers saved applicants time and frustration by finishing the process faster and helping them increase their chances of approval.

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