Prepare for the Future by Hiring Estate Planning Lawyers in New Bedford, MA

Although no one likes to think about their morality, if you have a sizable estate and/or minor children, you need to plan for the future. If something were to happen to you, you will want to ensure your family is provided for. One of the estate planning lawyers in New Bedford, MA can help you determine the best ways to make your last wishes known.

Medical Wishes

If you were involved in an accident or became ill, you can ensure your wishes for medical treatment are known by having a Living Will and Health Care Proxy drawn up. Without these documents, medical measures you don’t want can be taken to prolong your life. An attorney from the Law Offices of Tara M. George, PC can make sure your wishes are carried out by your Health Care Proxy during your last days.

Protecting Your Family

If there are certain possessions you wish to leave to your family or friends, estate planning lawyers will draw up the proper documents to make your wishes known. Along with writing your will, they can set up trusts to ensure your family is provided for. Trusts can also be set up to give contributions to the charities of your choice after you’ve passed away.

When you’re discussing estate planning with an attorney, they can help you set up trusts to transfer assets, like property, prior to your death. This can prevent inheritance taxes from eating away at the money you wish to leave your spouse or children. You can also set up trusts to ensure children or grandchildren are cared for, by designating when they can receive their inheritances.

Estate planning lawyers have many ways to protect your property and assets to make sure they are used to provide for your family, including giving certain property to those you wish to have it, or be donated to charity.

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