Public Defender or Hire a Defense Lawyer in Chicago?

Everyone is given the right to legal counsel if they’re arrested. If you cannot afford one, the courts will appoint a lawyer to represent you. However, you may want to consider hiring your own lawyer if there’s any way you can afford one. There are some key differences between a public defender and a Defense Lawyer in Chicago that you hire. You’ll want to understand these differences before you choose.

Public Defender

A public defender will not cost you anything, but they are also not going to be able to spend as much time on your case as a lawyer you hire would. This is because public defenders often take as many cases as possible at one time. They will not be able to meet with you as often as a lawyer you hire would, and they won’t spend much time outside of your meetings working on your case. Many times, a public defender will have you plead guilty to close the case quickly.

A Lawyer You Hire

When you hire a Defense Lawyer in Chicago, you’re paying them for their time. This means they are going to spend more time on your case. It also means they’ll have fewer cases at one time – they can’t spend the time they need on one case to represent their client fully if they have too many cases pending. They’ll be able to meet with you as often as necessary, and often they’ll be available to answer any questions you may have. Unless there are no other options, a lawyer you hire will generally not have you plead guilty.

If you can afford a lawyer, it’s better to hire one on your own so you can be sure they’ll spend the time on your case needed so you can have a better outcome. While this can be expensive, it’s something that’s definitely worth the added expense. There’s many lawyers available, so take the time to choose one that is right for you. If you have more questions on why you should hire a defense lawyer or you would like to find a lawyer to represent you, you can Click Here.


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