Questions Addressed by a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Northfield, NJ.

New Jersey residents receive protection through domestic violence laws, which stop household members from inflicting physical harm and They help victims to preserve a non-hostile living environment. They also help individuals with false criminal allegations. A domestic violence lawyer in Northfield, NJ helps defendants to fight this criminal charge.

Who is Victim of Domestic Violence?

The laws apply to current or former household members, such as parents, children, siblings, romantic partners and former spouses, who are the most common victims. Emancipated children can also report domestic violence by parents.

Are Juveniles Charged under Domestic Violence Laws?

Minors aren’t charged with domestic violence. The state applies penalties based on juvenile laws and they incur the penalty for the crime identified. These charges include but are not limited to assault, criminal mischief and stalking. Minors who cause a fatality receive adult-based charges, and a A domestic violence lawyer in Northfield, NJ can help accused juveniles.

What Is a Discretionary Arrest?

Officers make a discretionary arrest if signs of domestic violence are present. Probable cause (which is identified in court) gives the officers grounds to make an arrest for domestic violence.

ause in court. What Is a Mandatory Arrest?

Officers make a mandatory arrest after emergency services notify them, and they arrest the perpetrator if the victim exhibits any signs of domestic violence. They arrest the individual identified by the victim on the scene, and will call emergency medical services if needed.

A history of domestic violence requires a mandatory arrest, then the officers run a search for previous complaints. The dispatcher notifies the officers if an order of protection applies.

Are Weapons Seized Through Order of Protection?

Yes, officers seize all weapons after the court issues an order of protection since the seizure reduces the risk of more injuries. The order applies to firearms, knives and any items that could be used to inflict harm. Click here for more information.

Domestic violence is a horrendous crime but New Jersey laws protect victims of these occurrences. The law protects victims who sustained injuries by a household member and they also protect victims against false allegations. A domestic violence lawyer in Northfield, NJ helps these individuals build a defense case. Contact Michael T. Wolf Esq in Northfield, NJ to build a defense case today.

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