Why Seek the Services of a Child Custody Lawyer in Winnebago County, IL?

When a couple decides to divorce or split up, they may face issues related to child custody. While there is no legal requirement to hire a child custody lawyer in Winnebago County, IL, it can be helpful for the situation. Some reasons why a person should consider hiring this legal professional can be found here.

Physical vs. Legal Custody

Legal custody is the right of a specific parent to make the major decisions for a child. However, physical custody will not only allow the parent to make major decisions but also determine where the child is going to live. In some situations, if it is determined to be in the best interest of the child, the court may provide joint legal custody. However, this is not an option if there are certain factors that may put the child at risk.

The child custody lawyer in Winnebago County, IL that is hired can review a person’s case before going to the hearing. This will provide them the ability to create an effective approach to help achieve the desired outcome. The court must understand the case, especially the parent’s ability to properly care for the child.

Cases of Divorce

Regardless of why a marriage may dissolve, both of the parents should carefully consider the issue of child custody. When an attorney is hired, a person will have the best chance of achieving the outcome they desire from the custody hearing. It is important to note that filing for divorce will not set either parent free from parental obligations. As parents, both individuals still have the legal responsibility to care for their child. However, it is still up to the court to make the final decision. A lawyer will be able to represent their client and explain the desired arrangement.

Child custody can be a difficult subject, but when both parents keep the best interest of the child in mind, it does not have to be impossible. In some cases, hiring an attorney is a smart move, especially if the parents cannot reach an agreement about child custody. For those who are still unsure about hiring an attorney, they can get more information here.

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