Self-representation Vs. Criminal Defense Attorney, Book an Appointment in Charlotte

If you have been charged and are looking at time in prison, it is in your best interest to have a good criminal defense attorney fighting on your behalf.

The legal system is made in such a way, that even if you are extremely smart, representing yourself in a criminal trial in a skilled and legible manner is nearly impossible.

Criminal cases in Charlotte are rarely similar, and criminal defense lawyers are trained to look out for key matters of the case and make them stand out. They are also capable of spotting out arguments that could negate the crime and work in your favor.

Reading Books Won’t Help You Much

There are quite a few criminal defendants that opt to represent themselves. They turn to read books that have information on crimes, penalties, and defenses, however, these are not likely to lead them to victory. There’s a big difference between reading information about the law and actually practicing the law. Understanding the subtleties and flows of a trial can make a difference and become one of the reasons for winning or losing a case.

An example of this is prosecutorial discretion. This is the decision made on what charges a criminal defendant is faced with, so what can be deemed as a simple crime can be realistically set out as a multiple count indictment. The prosecutor in charge of making this decision also plays a huge role in the case. A criminal defense lawyer would be able to make judgment calls and negotiate with prosecutors in an attempt to lower the charges imposed on you.

If you have decided to represent yourself in court, at the very least, ensure that you have a criminal defense lawyer available to coach you during your trial, as they play a very important role in improving your chance of winning a case or obtaining a fair plea bargain.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a Charlotte criminal defense lawyer, please contact Hunter & Everage. You can find them online at

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