The Stress on Children during a Divorce Settlement

Reaching the point in your life where a divorce is necessary is an emotional time for both parties, and it can be especially stressful for your children who may blame themselves for the separation of their parents. Reassuring each child that the divorce is not their fault in any way can help make this transition as gentle as possible for everyone involved. Finding an experienced and compassionate divorce lawyer in Timonium, MD to answer all of your critical questions should be your first goal.

Child Custody

Full custody may be awarded to one parent or the other on any dependent children in the family. In the case of full custody, the children will end up staying with one parent full time and only receiving occasional visits or being able to go on short stays with the other parent. Children in this situation may often feel that they are being punished, or may think they did something wrong to make one parent leave them. Both parents should try to help the child understand it was nothing they did to cause the separation. Regardless of their age, children will need time to adjust to this change in their life.

Child Visitation

Visitation by one of the parents usually comes after the other parent has been awarded full custody of the children. This can be extremely stressful on the children caught in the middle, so both parents mutually agreeing upon a visitation plan can go far in making this transition easier on everyone. Try arranging a schedule so both parents can attend birthdays or major holidays, think about future graduations or other special events that may take place. Having both parents present during memorable events for the children can help make the entire situation easier on them.

Child Support

Child Support is exactly that, monthly funds paid by one parent to help support the life of a dependent child living with the other parent. These funds are normally used for the basic needs, schooling and general healthcare of the child. In the case of both parents sharing custody after a divorce, each parent may be required to pay a certain amount of child support to help with the upbringing of the child. The amount of support a parent is required to pay will depend on several factors including, but not limited to, the parents’ income, visitation arrangements, general child care costs and the number of children being supported.

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