Why Reviewing Child Support Obligations with a Family Lawyer Albuquerque NM Law Firm is Essential

Most people know that state law requires non-custodial parents to pay child support until the minor child reaches the age of majority as defined by the state. What parents may not know is there are times when they may be required to continuing paying a support order for adult children or that the law severs their responsibility early in some situations. Here’s more information about this issue, which should serve as a reminder about why it’s important to review child support obligations with an attorney from a Family Lawyer in Albuquerque NM law firm.

Child Support for Adult Children

Just because a child reaches the age of majority doesn’t mean a non-custodial parent’s support obligation automatically ends. In the case of disabled children, many states have laws requiring parents to continue supporting mentally or physically handicapped children financially well into their adult years, depending on the extent of their disability. For instance, in New Mexico, a child support order can continue indefinitely for children who are too disabled to be self-sufficient.

Although the age of majority is 18 in New Mexico, a parent may also be required to continue paying support until the kid is 19 and has graduated from high school. So if the child gets held back a year or starts late, the parent may have to pay an extra year of support.

Times When Child Support Ends Early

Just as there are times when a parent can be made to pay support for longer than anticipated, certain events will also trigger an early end to a support order. Parents don’t have to continue paying child support for young adults who join the military or get married before the age of majority. A parent who parental rights were terminated voluntarily or involuntarily is no longer responsible for paying support. Minors who have been emancipated by the court are also no longer eligible for support payments.

As demonstrated, exceptions to the normal rules governing child support do exist. That’s why parents should consult with attorneys from Family Lawyer Albuquerque NM law offices such as The Carter & Valle Law Firm in Albuquerque NM to ensure existing orders are correct and fair and to prepare themselves for extenuating circumstances. To learn more about hiring a family law attorney, click here.

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