3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Huntley

Many homeowners would tell you that their worst fear is the day that their home gets foreclosed on. This situation means that your years, or even decades, of paying towards your home were all for nothing, and it could land you in significant financial distress. One way to protect yourself as much as possible in this situation is to hire a foreclosure defense lawyer. In Huntley, we help homeowners salvage their financial investment during a foreclosure. But we also know that bad representation by a lawyer who doesn’t have your best interest at heart, could be worse than no lawyer at all. Before you hire counsel, here are three questions to ask:

1. What are some of the techniques or defense efforts that you use in your foreclosure defense approach?

If a lawyer only has one approach that they use when tackling a foreclosure case, they may not be right for you. The outcome that each client desires is different than the outcome that you may desire – and the other party may approach the case differently than past banks or lenders that this lawyer has argued against.

2. Do you regularly update your knowledge on how lenders and mortgage companies approach foreclosures, by attending training sessions or classes?

Because of the way that foreclosure law has changed over the past five years, it is critical that any foreclosure defense lawyer you hire is well-versed in the latest tactics and regulations. Lawyers can do this by going to conferences, taking training sessions, attending web-based seminars, and through other ways – don’t be afraid to ask how they stay up to date.

3. How many litigation cases against a mortgage company have you handled?

Experience is very important when hiring your attorney for foreclosure. There are several different things that can go on in a mortgage foreclosure case. Actually litigating against a mortgage company (in other words, suing the mortgage company) is much different than filing bankruptcy on behalf of someone in foreclosure, for example. Choose a lawyer who is familiar with the way this process works.

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