Contact a Divorce Attorney in Thiensville, WI for Help When Financial Problems Ruin your Marriage

Money is one of the top issues married couples disagree about, and a leading cause of divorce. Unfortunately, many people do not discuss financial issues before they get married and only learn later that they have very different views on money. When they are unable or unwilling to compromise, they should call a divorce attorney in Thiensville, WI. Marriages that end due to financial trouble may be the most difficult to resolve in divorce court.

When one spouse had a habit of spending more than they should on clothes or toys for themselves during the marriage, the other spouse may feel entitled to more in the divorce. Also, this kind of spending problem often results in an unusual amount of debt that the more frugal spouse doesn’t want to pay. A skilled divorce attorney may be able to help a client negotiate a reasonable settlement with their former spouse so he or she won’t be saddled with credit card debt related to someone else’s spending problem, or even forced into bankruptcy because they can’t pay the bills.

In this situation, it’s common for people to turn to a divorce attorney in Thiensville, WI, who may offer financial advice to their client if they are unable to reach an agreement that result in the spouse who did most of the spending taking over most of the debt. While bankruptcy may not be an ideal solution, it might be necessary to relieve a client from the financial obligations caused by a former spouse with an out-of-control spending habit. With discipline, it is possible to rebuild credit after bankruptcy, and even regain an excellent credit rating.

Of course, bankruptcy is not the only solution and a divorce attorney may discuss all of the debt relief options with a divorce client. More information about the divorce process, custody of children and child support can be found at Experienced attorneys are available to help clients who need to break free of the money problems marriage caused in their life and start over to create a healthy financial future for themselves and their children. View website for more info.

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