Facing a Charge? A DWI Defense Law Attorney in Grand Forks, ND Is at Your Disposal

A DWI is a serious charge in which the motorist is believed to have been driving under the influence of a substance such as narcotics, alcohol, or otherwise. This can prove to be a harrowing, stressful time for all involved. To prevent any added stress, you should look for a local defense to come to your aid and help clear up any legal matters as well as put you at ease.

DWI Defense Specifics

Based on the state you’re driving in, the use of substances and driving are treated differently. If you aren’t sure what your state’s laws are, calling a DWI defense law attorney should be your first move. An affirmative defense, or when a defendant disputes the claims of the plaintiff, has different aspects in which a DWI defense law attorney can help guide you through.

Necessity and Duress

Necessity, or proving that the operator of the vehicle had to drive for the “greater good”, is a solid defense in which the person must prove without any doubt that he or she was driving to prevent a potential “greater evil”. For example, a homeless person could transgress the law by finding private property to seek shelter from a violent storm.

Duress is when a driver is operating the vehicle under threat of violence or death. This comes into effect when the driver’s choice is to either drive intoxicated or potentially be injured or killed. For example, someone could hold a driver hostage and tell them to drive somewhere.

A DWI defense law attorney in Grand Forks, ND can help you determine the status of your personal case, walk you through the state’s law and statutes, and assist you in your time of need. If you browse us at your leisure, you can find the best team of attorneys specializing in this specific field to ensure you get someone fully educated and well-versed in law.

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