When An Injured Person Should Contact A Medication Error Attorney In Bedford

Medications can be life-saving drugs and allow a person to live their life to the fullest. The problem is that there are times when the pharmacy messes up and ends up making an error when filling a prescription, which can have both immediate and long-term results. If an individual is the victim of a mistake that is due to the pharmacy where they receive their medications, then they should contact a Medication Error Attorney in Bedford as soon as possible, as they can fight to get the injured person restitution if the following mishaps occur.

Incorrect Medication

Taking the wrong medication can be life-threatening and cause a person to sustain internal damage that is irreparable. Whether it is the entirely wrong medication or an incorrect dosage amount, the filling pharmacist can be held legally responsible for any side effects that occur. An attorney will be able to prove that the pharmacist made the error and then use the information to get the injured party the money needed to restore their life.

Adverse Reactions

Pharmacists are responsible for making sure that the medications a person is taking are not likely to cause adverse side effects. If they fail to conduct this essential check, then they can be found to have been negligent in their professional duties by a Medication Error Attorney in Bedford. The adverse reactions can result in dangerous medical conditions that require hospitalization or even surgery to correct and can leave a person unable to provide for themselves or their family.

Mislabeling and Omitting Directions

When a physician sends a prescription to a pharmacy, it will include all of the prescribing information, including the dosage, method of administration, and frequency. If the pharmacy omits information or makes a mistake when generating the label and the patient experiences adverse side effects, they may be due restitution. An award amount could include money for pain, suffering, and any medical procedures that were needed to rectify the issue.

It is scary to think that a pharmacist could make such a dangerous mistake. If it happens, be sure to contact The Koch Law Firm and let one of their experienced attorneys review the case. Get legal help by calling today and hold those who made the error responsible for their mistakes.

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