Why You Need a Slip and Fall Accident Injury Law Attorney in Bronx, NY

Victims of a slip and fall injury are typically advised to acquire a lawyer sooner rather than later, and this is because slip and fall cases are, by nature, difficult to settle, especially in favor of the victim.

From proving the fault to proving, detailing, and presenting the damages in a professional and legally-approved way, it’s important that a slip and fall accident injury law attorney is present to make sure you are meeting the legal standards and developing a strong argument in your defense.

Proving Fault Is Extremely Difficult without an Attorney

The truth is that without a slip and fall accident injury law attorney in Bronx, NY, proving that the defendant is legally responsible for your injury can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Insurers, for example, don’t often acknowledge liability to an individual without proper representation.

Not only must you prove that the accident itself was a result of negligence, but also that the damages were a direct result of the accident. Simply put, you are far more likely to be successful when you are represented by a legal professional, and you can contact Kiley, Kiley, & Kiley PLLC to consult with professional accident injury law attorneys and get started developing your case.

It’s Important That You Meet Legal Standards

Navigating the legal system can be very challenging when you are unfamiliar with the process, and a slip and fall accident injury law attorney will use his or her experience and expertise to do much of this for you.

This includes gathering medical records, your employer’s pay records and tax documents and bills, among other things, to prove damages. Doing all of this yourself can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you are healing from an injury, so don’t hesitate to contact your attorney right away.

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