Important Things To Know Before Contacting Bail Bondsman Agents In Ypsilanti

When a person is accused of a crime, they are usually held in jail until their trial date, but many regain their freedom and stave off long-term incarceration by choosing to post bail. The amount of money required for a bond is determined based on the severity of the charge and whether or not a person is considered a flight risk. Bail Bondsman Agents in Ypsilanti offer help in funding a bond and usually only charge a small percentage of the total price for their services.

Required Information

To process an application for a bond, the agent will need information on both the person requesting the funds and the individual who is incarcerated. In addition to providing a state or federal issued ID, the applicant will also be required to give several points of contact. Also, they will need the inmate number of the individual who is behind bars, as well as their employer contact info and home address.

Time is of the Essence

When a person ends up behind bars, it will wreak havoc on their mental and emotional well being, but Bail Bondsman Agents in Ypsilanti are standing by to help as quickly as possible. After an application is submitted, it is generally processed in less than one hour. The funds for the bail will then be sent to the court electronically, or the agent may choose to deliver a check in person.

Fees and Service Charges

Though the bond company will provide the majority of the money required for a bond, the applicant is responsible for paying any required service charges upfront. Generally, most agents charge 10 percent of the total amount being sent to the court system, and some may also tack on a variety of application or rush processing fees. Ask for a complete listing of any related fees upfront to help prevent sticker shock at the time of payment.

When a loved one ends up behind bars, don’t fret. The team at EZ1 Bail Bonds offers a streamlined application process that allows anyone to gain their freedom promptly. Visit their website to learn more or call today to start the process and help a person obtain the freedom they deserve. Visit our Google+ page for more information.

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