Premises Liability Cases for a Lawyer in Walker, MN

If you were seriously injured on a commercial property, it’s advisable to become at least a little familiar with the legal concept of premises liability. This is usually the foundation for a plaintiff in this type of personal injury case to request a certain amount of financial compensation. It’s not necessary to understand all the finer points of premises liability if a skilled legal representation has been hired. A lawyer in Walker, MN who handles personal injury cases will have the necessary knowledge and expertise to acquire a reasonable settlement or to try the case in court. Nevertheless, you should know the basics.

Premises liability holds property owners responsible when they are negligent about keeping the property safe for customers, clients or other visitors. Examples of accidents that occur under this legal aspect include slip-and-fall accidents on icy sidewalks, trip-and-fall accidents due to clutter in aisles, and a person being struck by heavy merchandise falling from a shelf.

Even a robbery might be considered due to property owner negligence. A Lawyer in Walker, MN would want to learn the conditions of the area where the incident occurred, such as whether lighting is adequate, and any surveillance devices are in place.

In some cases, lawyers are not necessary because the property owner and the insurer are eager to make things right. They don’t want the bad publicity that comes from avoiding paying deserved compensation to someone who was seriously hurt on the premises. However, this isn’t always how it plays out. Some insurance carriers attempt to pay as little as possible, leaving the injured person to simply accept the low settlement offer or wondering how to proceed.

A Brainerd Law firm such as Borden, Steinbauer, Krueger & Knudson helps their clients receive payment for lost wages during their recovery from an injury and all medical expenses associated with the episode. They may even be able to obtain compensation for emotional trauma, physical pain and suffering, and temporary loss of quality of life. The primary intent of the financial compensation is to have money to pay all the bills and to re-establish a happy, rewarding lifestyle that may have been compromised because of the incident.

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