Contact a DWI Attorney in Bel Air, MD As Soon As Possible

A person can be arrested if they have a .08% or higher blood alcohol content (BAC) level, but what many people don’t know is that in Maryland they can still be arrested and charged if they have a BAC level between .04% and .08%. These are considered a DWI charge and can still come with severe penalties if the person is convicted. Even if it’s the first time a person is arrested, they need to hire a DWI attorney in Bel Air, MD to help them handle the charges.

A DWI can be punished by up to two months in jail, $500 in fines, and a minimum six-month suspended license, and if it is not the person’s first DWI or DUI within a five-year period, the person can face up to three years in jail, up to $3,000 in penalties and a minimum 18 months with a suspended license. They will also be required to have an interlock ignition device installed when they are able to drive again. If the person is in an accident, has a minor in the vehicle, or refuses to take the test when they’re arrested, they can face harsher penalties no matter how many prior convictions they have.

A DWI attorney in Bel Air, MD will do whatever they can to help their client get a better outcome. In some cases, they may be able to challenge the evidence collected and have the charges dropped, and in others, they may be able to have their client plead to a lower charge with fewer penalties. In almost all cases, the lawyer will at least be able to help their client avoid receiving the maximum penalties for their charge or charges, which can save the person quite a bit of time and money in the end.

Anyone who has been pulled over and charged with a DWI should contact an attorney as soon as possible, because the faster the attorney can get started on the case, the more they will be able to do to help their client. Failing to hire a lawyer could mean the person ends up being convicted and receive the maximum sentences allowed in their situation. Contact Maria Caruso for more information or help dealing with a DWI case.

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