Protect Your Family Even After You’re Gone

Sometimes after a person passes if that person doesn’t leave a Final will there are so many unanswered questions that can lead to families being torn apart. If you aren’t clear about how you want your assets distributed your family is left to guess what it is that you wanted which can lead to fighting, bickering and sometimes long drawn out court proceedings. Even worse if you do not leave a Will, it is up to the state of Florida to decide how they think your lifetimes worth of assets should be given out. Don’t leave the decision in the hands of the government, make sure your final wishes are well known and documented.

If You Have Children Make Sure Their Future Is Secure

You spent your lifetime making sure your children are taken care and are provided for. You can set up a Trust for them with a Probate Attorney in the St. Petersburg Florida area and ensure that the tradition of caring and providing for your children carries on even after you are gone. Trusts can be set up and administered by the person of your choosing or set up in a way that upon a certain age the funds you have set aside for your children are administered to them exactly as you have laid out.

It Is a Lifetime Worth of Work

You spent a lifetime accumulating the assets and wealth you have. Upon your passing, you should be the one deciding what happens with it. Perhaps you did a lot of charitable work while you were alive. Set up a will that makes sure your assets are distributed to any charitable organizations that you were passionate about. Contact a probate attorney at the Hill Law Group and set an appointment to discuss all the options that are available to give you and your family peace of mind.

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