Using a Springfield Criminal Lawyer for Self Defense

You do have the right to defend yourself if you feel threatened. While most judges and jurors know intuitively what self-defense is, all states, including Illinois, have laws on the books to define what self-defense actually means. The basis around a self-defense case usually involves if reasonable force was used. A Springfield criminal lawyer can help you understand what reasonable force entails, as well as what motivations on your part in the event might be examined in the process of a self-defense case.

What Is Reasonable Force?

In Illinois, reasonable force may be used to defend yourself, somebody else or your property. However, reasonable force doesn’t mean you can be the aggressor or act in an unreasonable manner. To justify the use of force, you must be in imminent peril, which means the offense against you must be unlawful, you must have believed you were justified in the use of force and you must believe your force was equal to the offense. An experienced Springfield criminal lawyer can help you figure out your case and determine your position on using reasonable force.


In a self-defense legal case, your motivations regarding your state of mind might be examined. This may include any pertinent previous experiences that might have influenced you, such as childhood abuse from a parent. This examination might also include any prior encounters directly with the other party in the case, such as previous altercations. Having a Springfield criminal lawyer on your side who can help examine such motivations is of the utmost importance.

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