Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Wichita, KS- Getting Your Due Rights

As a dedicated employee of any firm, you are afforded a few rights. Worker’s compensation is the right of any employee working in a registered organization. In layman’s terms, this is a type of insurance that grants you wage replacement and medical benefits in exchange for giving up your right to sue your employer in case of tort or negligence. Worker’s compensation is generally offered to employees working in dangerous industries, such as those who have to deal with hazardous chemicals or those working in the construction industry.

If you are the sole breadwinner for the family, a small injury or disability could put you out of commission. Workers needed in the construction business need to be strong. If you have been injured while on the job due to negligence from your employer, you should consider applying for worker’s compensation. Unfortunately, most people don’t get adequate compensation from their employers. They are often unfairly treated and left out in the cold by their employers. However, if you are in Wichita, Kansas, you should seriously consider hiring a worker’s compensation attorney in Wichita, KS to help your case.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Famous law firms in Wichita offer a wide range of services. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated and that you did not receive the compensation amount owed to you, hiring an attorney is a good option. Your attorney will first talk to you about your case and come to a decision about whether your case deserves merit or not.

If the worker’s compensation attorney decides to take on your case, they will first write to your employer and ask them to release the funds owed to you. Most attorneys try to avoid taking the case to trial since the whole process can become quite protracted. Needless to say, your employer will try to avoid taking the case to trial as well, especially if he/she is at fault.


When you hire a worker’s compensation attorney, they will obviously demand a fee. The fee charged by your attorney generally depends upon your case. In some cases, the fee may be relatively minute. However, if your case is drawn out and protracted, the fee charged may be considerably higher. Most attorneys generally charge a percentage of the client’s winnings from the case as their fee. If the attorney fails to win your case for you, they won’t charge anything.

Hiring an attorney could save you from a lot of trouble and could also make your life considerably easier when it comes to fighting for your rights. Fleeson Gooing is one of the best law firms in Wichita, so you can contact them today for your worker’s compensation case.

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